Like a Tree Full of Bees

Salt Lake City, we salute you!

The pace back home in Nelson BC feels especially slow today after the flurry and stir of this week’s Outdoor Retailer show. We were there to meet people face-to-face, share our story, learn about other ones, and pursue partnerships with like-minded brands who want to join forces. Going in, we had no idea what to expect … but we are walking away with a reinforced conviction that what we are doing is something that is not only worthwhile, but something that is embraced and supported by the outdoor/ adventure community at large. Something that is great.

Back at the ranch, head bobbing to the distant sounds of a ukelele, we find ourselves eager and exhausted, overwhelmed and inspired. Lips parched from the air-con and legs heavy from concrete, our eyes are wide open to opportunity…. and heavy (perhaps slightly bloodshot) from neglecting sleep and embracing the frenzy. Emotionally hungover from a whirlwind of introductions and interactions, physically hungover from too many happy hours that fused into even happier hours. Still, happy.

So it’s onwards, excitedly… but not without our old friends who are making it all possible and the new ones we met along the way. Here’s a shout out to some of the raddest people we know:

Without Eric + Malcolm of Sherpas Cinema we would have been lost before we even got there. (Lost… and homeless, hungry, afraid, fragile, alone…) Their encouragement, assistance, and direction is something of invaluable worth to us.
Kind, creative and comical, we can’t thank these friends enough. Forever indebted.

Phil Pinfold from Retallack Lodge gave us the push that we needed to keep our spirits high and precious insight for our first OR experience. Always one step ahead of the game, we have to hand it to him for his sound advice and big heart.

Nick, Ben, and Zach (Sweetgrass Productions) answered a combined 1,000 questions for us and for that we’re really thankful. They never fail to simultaneously amuse and inspire us. See photo below for evidence of how much fun we had with these three.

Check out some of our new friends and what they are up to:

Hippy Tree: 
Unfortunately for Jenn and I, they only make men’s clothing… but we love their images and their dry, sarcastic banter. Really good guys creating rad clothing that fuses surf and rock climbing culture.

World Minded:
Definitely worth checking out, this eco-friendly, humanitarian-based clothing company gives back in style. They are such nice guys and we enjoyed spending time with them at the show… and on the dance floor.

Forest Woodward Photography:
Want to see something beautiful? Behold, friends! Browse Forest Woodward’s work.. it will invigorate you, make you want to go, do, see more. I bet you’ll want to follow him on facebook and instagram… this guy goes places and just by looking at these photos you’ll feel like he brought you with him.

Sushi Groove:
If you are in Salt Lake City, go here and devour some of the most delicious sushi and sake we’ve ever tasted made by one of the nicest humans we’ve ever met! I’m salivating a little bit right now… That’s only the beginning of the list but I’ll sign off now and we’ll keep you in the loop as everyone around us keeps doing incredible things.


Tomorrow’s plans mingle with yesterday’s reflections as we take it all in and move forward in this journey to create something special and share it with the world…

paz y un abrazo,