Getting There

There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.

Well, here we are: not nowhere, not everywhere… but getting there.

After my car accident last May, Jenn and I planted ourselves back home near our champion mother (the reputable “LT”) as I went through the motions of rehabilitation, eventually learning how to walk again, with Jenn as my hands and legs (and sanity) piloting my wheelchair through the hills of Nelson with reckless abandon.

It’s been a big year for everyone, more so for the friends and family helping (at times difficult) me through the process of redefining my place in the world, in a body that feels like it’s died and come back to life and a mind that isn’t sure what exactly just happened or how.. or why.

As my body is more and more able to keep up with the pace of our plans, the ball begins to roll. Faster. We’re sad to leave but it’s time to make the next step. And we’re off!
Wait… not before we pay our bills. Lame, but the whole car accident rigamarole really sets one back a few bucks.

Physically unable to work, our volunteer hours for The Latitude Project have skyrocketed this year and we’ve been able to get a lofty amount of work done. For that, we’re stoked.

I mean, it hasn’t all been bad. We’ve snuck in a couple of getaways over the past couple months: Sasquatch Music Fest, salmon fishing on the coast, biking in Hood River, hiking the Mulvey Basin, networking in Salt Lake City, dance-offs in Revelstoke, hanging at Retallack Lodge, stagetting in Kimberley, camping in wine country, and lots of kayaking out our back door on Kootenay Lake.

For now, it’s off to the big city for both of us where we’ll work three (paying) jobs, give up wine, sleep on couches, pinch our pennies and maybe even steal things like dish soap and toilet paper from friends who shop at Costco. Organic food… welp, see ya later.

And then it will be Bon Voyage for us, once again, as we hit the road for The Latitude Project’s 2013 “Raisin’ the Roof” initiative in rural Nicaragua. By then we’ll be ready to embrace some chaos and invite a new kind of frenzy into our lives.