Moments in Time

Moments in Time

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about moments… Someone already said it: “we do not remember days, we remember moments.” We long for them, we smile at them, we miss them, we swear about them, we share them, we have them all to ourselves. We live for them and, in the end, they’re all we’re left with. As days drift into… More…


Education Enhancement Program

COMPLETED! Last year, the community leader in Collado, a small village in rural Nicaragua, pulled us (Alanna and Jenn) aside, took a deep breath and prepared to tell us something. He was dressed in his best clothes and we had no idea about what he could be so nervous to say. We had been working in Collado before, fixing roofs… More…

We believe that guilt does not inspire, it stuns and stagnates us. It is not sustainable and, more importantly, it does not do justice to the strength and dignity of the people facing hardships. We employ different methods... dare we say, we even have fun. We work throughout Latin America, completing projects following a four step process.
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By initiating projects based on places we explore and people we meet, we ensure that what we are doing is geographically and culturally sustainable, effective, and appropriate.

We exchange information in impoverished areas to find out from locals what is lacking in their communities and how, together, we can help improve their standard of living. We work with people, not for people.

We engage with communities back at home to raise funds and awareness without using guilt as a tool. We throw parties, concerts and special events that celebrate our own lives and from that we create the finances to help others do the same. Our series is a vehicle for people at home to move through these experiences with us, allowing viewers to see the positive change that their donations and involvement have made possible.

The Latitude Project empowers communities of Latin America by providing the means for people to develop, build, and maintain basic human necessities such as: clean water systems, educational facilities, and safe, comfortable housing while transparently portraying the whole picture.