November 2018: Lori Barkley
December 2018: Kim Stang
January 2019: Lori Barkley
February 2019: Anonymous Donor
March 2019: Victoria Tilling
April 2019:

give to get…

We like to give things away and we also like to win things. So, we started a fun little incentive to give back to the people who support and sustain our ongoing projects.

Anyone who signs up to pledge a monthly donation (as little as $10 a month) is entered into our monthly draws. (Yes, each month you will be re-entered to win.) Each month, the prizes will vary and the little treasures will be sent to the winner’s doorstep.

In the spirit of transparency, the pool is small so your chances of winning are… very high. Prizes will change every month but they will always be something chosen and cherished by us, so you can bet that it will be good. One month you can expect the prize to be a trip with us… but we won’t be telling you when that grand prize will be up for grabs!