The Latitude Project aims to help alleviate the stresses of multidimensional poverty byway of community driven projects that engage & empower. Projects evolve naturally: by asking community members what they need, listening to their answers and implementing sustainable solutions together. By taking the time to consult a given community, we approach global change through local projects that are as diverse, creative and innovative as the people we work with.

The Results? Locally-led projects that ensure community engagement, ownership and upkeep, while assisting community members to become more self-sufficient and resilient to many forms of poverty – whether it be a lack of educational infrastructure, health care, access to clean water, electricity and so on.


We take a human-centred approach. Older development models may have the right intention but often end up having the wrong effect. Why? They didn't stop and listen.


Yes, it takes time to listen and reach solutions together, but the results are projects that help people directly overcome their stresses of poverty. And it's done with pride, excitement, and dignity.


We get a little help from our friends. We look to like-minded friends and companies to help us keep our overhead budget at bay. They provide us with in-kind donations that help us keep our costs down. These are invaluable relationships and, together, we make change happen. 

100 % Model

100% of public donations are spent on project costs. This means ZERO overhead or administrative fees to filter through. Our founders have worked other jobs to cover these costs. As we grow, we are now looking toward a special group to help power us forward and reach new heights.