El Salvador... Fits Like a Glove

“Don’t try to fit into a shirt too big for you”

words of advice from Rodrigo, one of the many new friends we’ve been lucky to meet during our recent research trip to El Salvador to discuss the upcoming clean water filtration project.

unfortunately, neither Alanna nor myself have ever been ones to listen to this type of advice. from as young as I can remember, we’ve dove into projects headfirst, whether they be the roadside raspberry lemonade stands or our vision for the future of The Latitude Project. this is also true of our most recent decision to pack up our bags + hit the open road again.

we had a short lull before the construction went full force again in Nicaragua and although being stationary in San Juan del Sur the last month allowed us to unpack our bags and settle our roots, we felt the tickling in our toes to grab the reins of an empty two weeks and head off in search of our next project. Alanna + I had both been feeling drawn to El Salvador and had heard stories of the lack of clean drinking water in coastal regions. dusting off our backpacks, we awoke at 3 am with giddy looks on our faces… keen and curious about what was to come as we made our way to coastal El Salvador.

the trip was not without its adventures… visiting an old friend along the way, getting thrown off the bus in the middle of nowhere, hitchhiking ride in overstuffed vans…  but as we arrived in El Tunco (where we stationed ourselves while exploring the nearby communities) we felt refreshed… the 20 hour bus ride quickly forgotten as we took in everything in our view. a new landscape. new people. new stories. a new project. where to begin!?