A Simple but Splendid Pleasure

Bringing you a new voice today, a blog from a friend we’ve made along the way who recently joined us in the community of Collado, Nicaragua. These are his thoughts on the experience…

There are only so many days of self enjoyment one can continuously go through until there is an inner urge to do something more…Thanks to two fellow Canadians I got to experience the joy of giving back to a beautiful community. A huge shout out to Alanna and Jenn who are the type of people who make these opportunities possible for wanderers such as myself.

Working helps keep ones mind present. Truly one of the best places to be because you are focused on what is going on at that exact moment. When we were asked to assist with some sanding and varnishing of some school desks we simply had to jump on the experience. The Nicaraguan heat was present but it did not bother us, it actually made the sanding of the desks more enjoyable. For those that don’t know, San Juan del Sur and the surrounding area is known for its offshore winds. If you imagine your entire body covered in attractive sweat then suddenly cooled off by a gust of wind it can be hard not to smile. If you cannot imagine that then you should go play outside.

Truth be told I’m pretty sure that the majority of our time was spent playing with the children of Collado. Knowing we were showing up to a group of children, we brought two large bouncy balls. Add a confined space and you have yourself the greatest dodge-ball game ever. There are few moments in my life where I have felt over the age of 16 and this was one of them. Kids! Make sure you take time to learn from the youth…. it is so important to keep one loose and limber!

Selfishly enough the day turned up a pleasant gift, I got to ride my first horse! Something I have been meaning cross off my bucket list for some time now.

Do good feel good, it’s so simple but yet we ignore opportunities to do something good all the time! My advice would be to keep your eyes open for anyone that may need assistance because it pays you back with something more valuable than anything you can pay for. I am happy to say that thanks to this opportunity my travel experience has been a complete success. Heading back to subzero temperatures in Moose Jaw, SK I will reflect on this experience by remembering how important it was to me to pick out my school desk was at the beginning of the year. A simple but splendid pleasure.

Thank you so much Jenn and Alanna!

Peace, Love!

Tylan Fraser.