Water Worshippers

April-June 2017

Lexi DuPont + Water worshippers

Professional athlete and environmentalist Lexi DuPont approached The Latitude Project with a big idea early 2017. She wanted to feature The Latitude Project in her mini documentary series, Water Worshippers. This episode would cover Lexi alongside Latitude founders Alanna + Jennifer Tynan as they explored the complex and thought-provoking issue of water conservation. The three would be heading into rural Nicaragua to build clean water solutions in the village of Toro Venado.  

Lexi + the Water Worshippers team set out to raise the funds necessary for this project and together, we were able to install in-home water filters for every family, repair and protect the community's 11 wells, and build pumps for safe + convenient water access. Learn more about their successful trip here!