The Latitude Project partnered with Lexi DuPont of Water Worshippers to complete this initiative. Water Worshippers is a series exploring the complex and thought-provoking issue of water conservation. 

The third episode of the series will bring viewers to Nicaragua alongside pro-skier Lexi DuPont and founders of The Latitude Project, Alanna and Jennifer, as they explore the ultimate value that water plays in our lives and the connections it can create for humans around the world. 


To partner with the community of Toro Venado to design and implement long-term solutions to their clean water crisis. 

To build protective covers for each of the village's 11 wells, install pumps for safe and easy access, and provide clean water filters + holding containers for each household. 


The rural community of Toro Venado is located in the San Juan region of Nicaragua. Toro Venado's 11 wells are contaminated as there is no system in place to protect the water from outside pollutants. With no pumps or covers, the wells are a dangerous place for the children of the community, who are frequently responsible for collecting water for the households.