The Big Jump


The Latitude Project has been our passion project for many years. For us, it's been a source of so many emotions: joy, exhaustion, fear, and fullness. For others, it's been more important than that. For others, it's been clean water, education, access to medicine, safe shelter, light, literacy, and play.

With your help, we've been able to accomplish more than we've ever thought possible. And, we've done it with our hands full: we work unrelated full-time jobs to cover the costs of running the organization, never knowing it would grow enough for that to have to change. Until now.

So we find ourselves on the diving board, realizing Latitude has outgrown being a "side project" and ready to take the next step. For five years, our projects have been well-received and impactful, our friendships with the villages are strong and close, and our supporters continue to encourage us toward the deep end. And so, we're about to jump.


As an alternative to taking a percentage out of public donations, we are assembling a small group of visionary supporters, whose contributions will power our overhead costs for one year. Our Group of Luminaries are invited to join us in Nicaragua, to see exactly where their support is going and introduce them to the reasons we care. Our friend and board member, Elizabeth Olsen, will be guiding the adventure with us and we are excited to share such a purposeful adventure with the small and impactful group. 


This is a crucial step for us and will allow us to continue to build on the steady foundation we've set with time and dedication. Funds to support overhead costs means more time to work with people, identify needs, and build solutions.

For companies and friends that want to sink your teeth into something real, we promise the experience will forever change your lives. And more importantly, the lives of so many others. To chat about the benefits of joining our Group of Luminaries, give us a call or email us

   Other ways to lend a hand:


As always, we couldn't do any of this without you and we appreciate everyone's support and encouragement moving forward. Lots of love,

Alanna + Jenn