With a Little (lot) Help From Friends

With tired eyes and lingering hype, we survived the familiar journey to YVR just hours after wrapping up our Latitude launch party. (A quick side-note about the party: it was amazing. It was amazing because of the people who came out to show their support, the enthusiasm and stoke of everyone in their classiest old digs, and the vibe in the room that still has me smiling. The combination of soulful grooves, drinks, dressing up, and tremendous personalities collided to make for an unforgettable evening… and just so happened to be indispensable in helping us take flight and get to Nicaragua for our next project restocking and repairing over 20 rural schools.)

And so here we are, miles away from just a few days ago and anticipating what is in store for the miles ahead. We have a big couple of months ahead of us: big goals and exciting progressions… and we’re not doing it alone!

There is a strong flock of support behind The Latitude Project, sharing our goals and bolstering what we’ve set out to accomplish. I’m pinching myself as we settle back into Maderas Village: the place brimming with old friends and new faces, around every corner an interesting conversation and inspiring connection. Feeling overwhelmed by the support we have from the place and people we come home to while we’re working with the surrounding rural communities. Support from near and far.

We’re meeting each day with the excitement of learning new things, laughing a lot, burning a little, and contributing what we can to make the day better for the people who need it the most. You are the ones behind the scenes who make it all possible through contributions and compassion: follow us and we’ll keep you posted with stories and updates of what’s going down. What we promise is transparency, truth, authenticity, and hopefully a giggle here and there. Thanks for coming along…

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