Under A Different Sun

The sun is out but I’m bundled in a sweater: we’re not in Nicaragua anymore.

I haven’t seen an oxcart for over 24 hours and I feel like I’m doing something wrong every time I flush the toilet paper. I won’t complain about the hot shower I just had or how it felt to unpack my bags for the first time in six months. I heard sirens last night and immediately I knew it was an emergency vehicle (not a taxi). Right now I’m in a cafe but no one is trying to sell me coconuts or sunglasses. I just got charged $4.50 for an americano and I almost had to ask if that was in cordobas….

We’ll miss Murray and our Maderas Village family, the communities we’ve really bonded with over the past 6 months, and $1 Flor de Cana’s. Spilling out of bed and flirting with the sea, bikinis, surfing, and dirt roads. I’m sure we’ll even miss Clos, in a few more days. But we’re happy to be back: to get some perspective on everything that just happened, debrief, and prepare for what’s around the next corner. Our growing team means we have the capacity to do more and that’s exactly what we’re planning to do. Working on aligning some fun partnerships and throwing Latitude events all over the place this summer (including Vancouver, NYC, Denver, Boulder, and Nelson).

Stay tuned: we’ll fill you in on the statistics, share more photos, and recount some pretty moving stories that we were lucky enough to hear firsthand. And hey, let us know if you want to get into some of this with us, it’s going to be a big summer and we need all the help we can get…

paz y un abrazo,