Big thanks to Nikon Canada

Good photographs are invaluable in our ability to communicate stories and realities from faraway places.

Our projects are funded and supported by people who believe in sharing their good fortune in order to level the playing field in the world. It quickly became clear to us that our cracked iPhone 4’s weren’t doing any justice in sharing with them the beauty of the landscapes and candidness of the characters we meet along the way.

We are often lucky enough to bring along a professional who can capture stories on the road but there are a lot of times when it’s just my sister and I (and our cracked iPhone 4’s.) That’s where Nikon Canada stepped in (and stepped up) kindly donating a Nikon D5500 that has transformed the quality of our storytelling and has us brimming with excitement about taking pictures again.

There are so many moments worth sharing during experiences with The Latitude Project and- thanks to Nikon Canada- we’ll be able to bring you along for more of the bumpy rides.


Instagram/Twitter : @nikoncanada