Vanessa's GoFundMe Campaign

October - DECEMBER 2017


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Hi!  I am doing my first ever Go Fund Me Campaign to help me to reach a fundarising goal of 3,000.00 by November 15th. I am asking for your help and donations so that I can lend my energy, time, and hands, on behalf of those who cannot, and this money is going directly to the organization to meet the needs of their project cost, and I will cover my own personal costs.  

The reason I am doing this and soo excited to participate, is because the founders of this organization Alanna and Jennifer Tynan have woed tirelessly over the years to develop a consistent and integral relationship with the communities they work alongside at a very integrated and grass roots level.  They are as hands on as you can get and have no excess bloating or over head because they themselves ar doing the work with a select group of staff and volunteers.

    I have been wanting to help for years but it wasn't in alignment until now, and I am going to be able to assist on a clean water initiative where, after both Jennifer and Alanna have consulted the needs of the community, we wil be installing sand filtrations systems in residences to produce clean water, in addition to launching an educational platform to bring awareness to the necessity of clean drinking water.   There will also be an opportunity to faciitate ocean excursions and surf lessons for children who have prevously not experienced playing in the sea.  

   I have travelled extensively, but when I travel now I am really called to integrate more and be more helpful to the communities that I am exploring and this opportunity arose and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to be able to learn, and listen, and to help.  It is not an unachievable goal, and as this is my first fundraising attempt, I would be so incredibly grateful for any donation you can provide so that I can volunteer my time on your behalf.   This money is going straight to the organizations to cover the costs of their supplies and the needs of the project, and your support means that they can continue to do their beautiufl work in places where a little bit of assistance is greatly needed.

  This s not a massive charity with bloated administrative fees, but rather a very human and personal group that is just responding to places where a bit of compassion and understanding is all thats necessary to get the infrastructure for basic and necessary ssytems to be put in place.   Anything you can donate within the next 4 weeks would be absolutely appreciated and will be used to bring some relief and some muscle..courtesy of me :)