The Zapata Family


To bring medical attention to Angela Guadalupe and provide her family with more comfortable living conditions.

Latitude had the opportunity to meet the Zapata's while working in the rural community of Monte Cristo building roofs. This charming couple was overjoyed that their small one-room house would be receiving a new roof and structural improvements. While spending time with the Zapata's, we learned of a few other necessities. 


Señor Zapata takes us inside to look at their house. Immediately drawn in by the wooden benches that serve as their beds, we ask if he has mattresses. They don’t. They’ve lived the last 30 years sleeping on two small, hard wooden benches. The one room house is shared with their chickens, dogs, all of their belongings, and is where they raised their 4 kids.

Walking around the corner, we see Angela Guadalupe sitting on a bench at the side of the house, the pain she is trying to mask straining her face. She had developed a small infection over a year ago on her ankle. Unable to travel to seek medical attention, Angela Guadalupe has been suffering through the pain as the infection spreads up and down her leg. The cut has turned into a large open gash on her ankle, covered by a leaf and a piece of twine. Despite the pain it must cause to stand, she raises to greet us and show us around the outdoor kitchen. Movement is slow and we can’t help but look at her ankle. Even when her words were soft, her jaw was clenched in pain and the woman was suffering. She’s never been able to get to a doctor because to her, a two hour drive is a world away.

their happiness was tangible, despite the hardships they faced. 

Latitude brought the couple new mattresses, blankets, pillows, and staple foods. Furthermore, Angela Guadalupe was provided medical attention to help her live out the rest of her life without the constant pain that had been plaguing her for years. 



At 80 years old, there isn’t much I need. I live simply and I’m happy with my life. All I can ask for is the health and comfort of my wife.