See the Sea


To bring families without the resources to the beach, to experience the ocean for the first time in their lives.

This play and exploratory-based program runs alongside our needs-based initiatives, operating across Nicaragua (and soon to be expanded throughout Latin America). Play is an integral part of what it is to be a kid, and there aren't many better places to play than in the waves. Impulsively flailing yourself at the crashing waves, picking up crabs, throwing sand at your sister. Kicking a soccer ball along the coastline, burying your feet in the sand and building your very own castle. This program was spearheaded to allow children to get out and see something we all share a deep gratitude and intrinsic passion for: the sea. 



We asked Miguel & Rudy: "what is your favourite thing about going to the beach?" After smiling at us and looking out at the water, Miguel  put his hand on his heart and surprised us with his poignant response:

it’s not a thing. It is a feeling I have when you bring me here. It’s a very special place.