Sarah's Fund + Seek Campaign

October/November 2016

sarah slutsky

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Working as a Fashion Stylist, I've had the opportunity to work with incredible women across many industries that inspire us. I've have felt fortunate to be able to use fashion, with my clients to tell stories that empower and allow us to be unstoppable via a positive and strong wardrobe. 

Over the years, working with beautiful materials and textiles, I've been both dazzles and disappointed by the stories of how pieces of fashion come to be.   Thinking about, where clothes come from and all the hands and hearts involved in the process has become very dear to me and is just the beginning of the though a process about HOW to provide opportunities for success to communities around the globe.

The Latitude Project, to me is the perfect opportunity, for me to join a group of inspiring, like minded women and continue learning , empowering and celebrating people around the world who contribute to the creation of fashion. 

Please help me fund this incredible project and allow The Latitude Project to continue to reach out to even more wonderful world communities!!