Re-Stocking Rural Preschools


To partner with the NicarAGUA International Development Project and Blythe Education to replenish stocks of school supplies for 16 rural preschools in the Rivas province. 

They may seem like small things, but children write gently with their pencils so that they can erase their notebooks and re-use them for the next school years. Toothbrushes, books, markers, pens, pencils, etc are materials that are hard to come by when financial support is unavailable. We were happy to make trips into these communities to distribute supplies where they are needed the most.

At each preschool, Latitude discussed the importance of sanitation and dental hygiene and, of course, played a few rowdy games of the country’s favorite sports, baseball and soccer.

To see the Latitude Project at work in Nicaragua means joining a community for the benefit of many, working tightly together with dedication and heart for the needs of families.