Raising the Roof


To partner with communities to rebuild delapitated roofs in 7 communities in the coastal district of San Juan.

Rural communities in the Nicaraguan province of San Juan del Sur expressed an urgent need for supplies to fix roofs. This region experiences heavy downpour in the rainy season, which typically lasts from May-October. Because of their lack of resources and money, community members had been prevented from properly repairing their roofs. From there: an increase in serious illness, inability to work, and the feeling of inadequacy from not being able to provide their families with safe shelter.

Beneficiary Communities:

This project serviced 7 beneficiary communities, totally 59 houses. Many of these houses were multi-family homes, putting the number of people directly impacted 500 people. As with many communities in the area, the main source of income is physical labour. The completion of this project saw an enourmous increase in morale- as well as monthly income- as families were able to return to work, healthy and dry.

This project helped over 500 people build new roofs to keep their families dry during rainy season. 


After learning from communities about the inadequate shelter many families had, Latitude narrowed the beneficiary communities to 7 of the most poverty stricken, with access to resources extremely limited. Meetings were held in each individual community where the houses most in need were decided by community members themselves. From there, a work schedule was created, allowing each member of the community to contribute to the project. Local Nicaraguan engineers were brought in to assess the structural stability of houses, reinforcing homes with new framing when necessary. Materials were purchased locally and treated to withstand rust and other damage for 50 years. 

Allocation of funds

Total Budget : $9115.87 USD
I cannot explain the feeling of going to bed and knowing my children will finally be able to rest. I am proud, because I have helped make it possible.