Brighter Days


To distribute solar-powered lights to communities without electricity. 

Beneficiary Communities:

After launching the project in 2015, over 570 solar lights have been distributed to rural communities in need. Communities are located in the Tola and Rivas region of Nicaragua and do not have access to electricity.

To you, it might seem like a small item. For me, tonight will be the first night I will be able to see my child when the sun goes down. This light will change my life.

the lights:

We've partnered with LuminAID to distribute their lightweight, waterproof, inflatable lights. Through their Get Light, Give Light program, Latitude is equipped with over 1400 solar lights to distribute. 

The lights are a simple design; a soft, translucent plastic with a small solar panel in the middle. The battery charges as soon as the panel is in view of the sun- with 7 hours of charge, the lanterns will provide 30 hours of light. 

Materials are made from a safe and sustainable plastic (TPU), which is 100% PVC-free and phthalate-free. The battery life of each light is designed to last multiple years of continuous use and the battery can hold a charge for over a year in storage.