Zeal Optics Industry Night: Boulder, CO

FRIDAY, january 16, 2014

HOSTed by:
Zeal Optics

As part of our Industry Night series, ZEAL Optics is teaming up with The Latitude Project for an amazing evening this Thursday, January 16.

Join us at 6 pm at ZEAL Headquarters to learn more about The Latitude Project from founders Alanna & Jennifer Tynan, and support their cause, which helps rural communities in Central America by building schools and infrastructure, and enter for a chance to win a trip to Nicaragua!

ZEAL Optics is strong supporters of The Latitude Project, and after catching up with Alanna and Jennifer, we’re betting you’ll be inspired and on board as well.

The Latitude Project is a rambunctious collective of go-getters and do-gooders redefining charity around the world. Driven by a hankering for adventure and the desire to give back, the Latitude family travels to impoverished communities to hear firsthand what people need. Working directly with communities, each project is authentic to differing customs, cultures, and ever-changing needs. 100% of public donations fund projects on the ground without trickling through administration fees: from education facilities to medical initiatives, roofs to clean water, Latitude helps people meet their basic needs so they can live their own adventures.

BIG LOVE TO zeal optics + maderas village!