Give to get: administrative volunteer

Our Give to Get initiative is a monthly rewards program that celebrates the donors who have pledged over $10 a month. We randomly select one winner per month with a prize that has been donated by a socially conscious company or artisan. These companies then the benefits of soft marketing and are able to contribute to our projects in a unique way. We are always looking for new contributors and we are looking for more support in curating these one-time donations.


event planning volunteer

This position will help support initiatives through outreach, production, and the development of original event and fundraising concepts.

This is an unpaid, volunteer position that requires approximately 4-6 hours of work per week, reports directly to our founders and collaborates closely with other interns and volunteers. Candidates should have strong writing skills and have previous experience in event planning or coordination. Candidates should be culturally sensitive, and be passionate about human rights, with a solid understanding of our pillars and goals. They should also be self-starters that enjoy connecting people and making things happen. This role is remote based.

All volunteer candidates should be:

  • Detail oriented and highly organized 

  • Committed to continuous improvement, always thinking “how can we do this better?”

  • Flexible to take on varied responsibilities

  • Positive, “no task too small,” attitude

  • Efficiently executes and prioritizes 

  • Takes accountability, displays professional and ethical conduct 

If this is you, we would love to hear from you.
Contact us directly at info@thelatitudeproject with your resume + cover letter.