Start your own fundraiser!


use your passions & skills for good!

We encourage friends to host their own creative events and campaigns to raise money for Latitude and your other favourite charities.

We can help you along the way with advice and ideas. When you are ready to go, we will help by sharing your campaign on our website so you can link directly to our site with information about your event, here.


A few examples to get your ideas brewing

  • PLEDGE YOUR BIRTHDAY! It’s as easy as asking for donations in luei of gifts this year. Choose an area you care deeply about: clean water, education, health, or play. Contact us to set up your personal fundraising goal and spread the word!

  • Love to cook? Host a dinner party for friends.

  • Run, bike or swim in a race to raise money!

  • Are you a massage therapist or yoga teacher? Host a karma class.

  • Host a party! (We do love parties.)

  • Office job? Propose a casual day or no-coffee jar... you'd be surprised at how quickly it adds up!

  • Birthday coming up? Start a campaign where friends can donate in your name.


           Are you a business?  Donate some of your profits from a product or a day or get your staff involved in some friendly office competition for good.


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